Van Gogh The Famous Painter
He moved to Paris in March 1886

In just over a decade he created about a pair of,100 artworks, as well as around 860 work of art, most of them within the last 2 years of his life. They embody landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and self-portraits, and are characterized by daring colors and dramatic, impulsive and communicatory proficiency that contributed to the foundations of recent art.

His early works, largely still lifes and depictions of peasant laborers, contain few signs of the vivid color that distinguished his later work. His paintings grew brighter in color as he developed a method that became totally realized throughout his stay in Arles within the south of France in 1888.

Today Van Gogh's works are among the worlds most costly paintings to possess ever sold-out at auction, and his gift is honored by a depository in his name, the Gogh museum in Amsterdam, that holds the worlds largest collection of his paintings and drawings.


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